The Best Refrigerator

An ice cold search

Finding the best refrigerator can can be an ice cold searchEveryone has one, everyone needs one. Refrigerators are an essential part of our daily routines. When they stop working, that is when you realize you use it so often and it is of such importance. Pure horror. There is now way you won’t buy a new one, simply because you need one! But which brand to choose? Which model? In which segment? Is it worth its price? No worries, we will help you out to get the best refrigerator to suit your needs. We have prepared a useful buying guide to give you some more handles before deciding.

After you have decided on which type of refrigerator suits your needs, it is time to pick the cherries within each segment! We have prepared a list of the top 4 refrigerators within each segment, based on price, functionality and, especially, consumer reviews. We don’t just look at the specs, we take consumers reviews seriously!

We have recently analzyed consumer reports on brand ratings and made a brand comparisson. Make sure to read our post on the best refrigerator brands. Before continuing to the 4 best refrigerators in each class, make sure to read our verdict on the best refrigerator of 2014.

The 4 Best Top Freezer Refrigerators

 BrandModelDimensions (W x D x H)Cap. (cu. ft.)Freezer cap. (cu. ft.)Price rangeYearly op. costRating (1 - 5)

LG model LTC24380SB
32-3/4" x 35-1/4" x 68-1/2"23,76,2$1000 - $1100$414,7
Frigidaire model FGHT1832PEFrigidaireFGHT1832PE30" x 30-1/8" x 66-5/8"18,34,1$800 - $1000$414,5
GEmodel GTH18GBDBBGEGTH18GBDBB28" x 32-3/8" x 67-3/8"18,14,2$600 - $900$414,2
Whirlpool model WRT111SFABWhirlpoolWRT111SFAB24" x 27-15/16" x 61-3/410,72,9$600 - $800$404,2

The 4 Best Side-by-side Refrigerators

 BrandModelDimensions (W x D x H inch)Cap. (cu. ft.)Freezer cap. (cu. ft.)Price rangeYearly op. costRating (1 - 5)
GE model GSH22JSDSSGEGSH22JSDSS33-1/2" x 33-5/8" x 67-1/221,97,1$1250 - $1500$584,4

Amana model ASD2575BRS
AmanaASD2575BRS35-1/2" x 34-5/8" x 69-1/825,410$1000 - $1250$584.3
Frigidaire model FGHS2655PFFrigidaireFGHS2655PF36" x 33-3/8" x 69-7/8269,5$1250 - $1500$624,2
Samsung model RSG307AARSSamsungRSG307AARS35-3/4" x 36-7/8" x 69-1/229,611,5$1500 - $2000$664.0


The Best 4 French Door Refrigerators

 BrandModelDimensions (WxDxH inch)Cap. (cu. ft.)Freezer cap. (cu. ft.)Price rangeYearly op. costRating (1 - 5)
LG model LFX31945STLGLFX31945ST35-3/4" x 36-1/4" x 70-1/430,510$2000 - $3200$624,5
GE model GFE29HMEESGEGFE29HMEES35-3/4" x 36-1/4" x 70-1/228,69$2500 - $3000$604,4
Frigidaire  model FPHF2399PFFrigidairFPHF2399PF36"x 31" x 69-7/822,66,9$2000 - $3000$574,2
Samsung model showcase RF30HDEDTSRSamsung
RF30HDEDTSR35-3/4" x 37-7/8" x 7030,210$2000 - $3000$904,2

Refrigerator Buying Guide

There is more to buying a refrigerator, and modern day machines have a lot of useful and cool functions, such as fast beverage cooling systems, smart interfaces, superior humidity control and a hot water tap.

Before you can start picking your choice, you need to know what’s out there. There are 3 main houshold refrigerator segments:

Top or Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
Side-by-side Refrigerator
French Door Refrigerator
 Top freezer refrigeratorSide-By-Side RefrigeratorFrench Door refrigerator
The simplest of the 3, consisting of a refrigerator with a small freeze below or or on top. Top freezer refrigerators are slightly more economically priced as compared to bottom freezers.Want to know more about Refrigerator Dimensions?A luxurious refrigerator with a large standing freezer next to the refrigerator. Most modern Side-by-side Refrigerators also have an ice machine and cold water tap installed in the freezer door. Side-by-side refrigerators are also sold in counterdepth versions, for a seemingly perfect integration with your kitchen.A large refrigerator with freezer drawers and 2 refrigerator doors, combining the convenience of Bottom Freezer- and Side-by-side refrigerators. Often equipped with an ice machine and cold water tab. Like the side-by-sides, French Door refrigerators are sold in counterdepth versions.


And make sure to check this short but comprehensive buying guide video below, provided by Best Buy! It gives an overview of what to think about when purchasing a new refrigerator, the available models, the pro’s & con’s, and demonstrates some of the great new features & functionalities of modern refrigerators and freezers.


The best Top Freezer Refrigerator Model Reviewed

The Best Top Freezer Refrigerator: LG LTC24380SB
LTC24380SB-4 LTC24380SB-3 LTC24380SB-2 LTC24380SB-1

The LG LTC24380SB is a well-designed top freezer refrigerator with a total capacity of about 24 cu.ft, which makes it one of the largest in the segment. It has a full width pantry drawer and bright LED lights in the back providing a bright interior. Fruits and vegetables can be stored fresh longer in the two humidity controlled crisper drawers, all controlled by digital temperature control. No need to store ice cubes, as the LTC24380SB has an automated ice maker! The energy consumption is 438 kWh, which comes down to an estimated yearly operating costs of $41 and gives this refrigerator an energy star rating.


The best Side-by-side Refrigerator Model Reviewed

The Best Side-by-side Refrigerator: GE GSH22JSDSS

The GE GSH22JSDSS is a beautifully designed, stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator. With 21.9 cu.ft. of total capacity, this refrigerator has enough space for a family. It has adjustable humidity and temperature drawers to keep your favorite foods at the best condition for prolonged freshness.  Together with the Climate Guard system, the Frost Guard technology prolongs overall food preservation. The dispenser provides cooled and filtered water and cubed or crushed ice. The GE GSH22JSDSS has an energy star rating and an estimated yearly operational cost of $58.Tired of reading, but want to know more? We have found this video review for you:


The best French Door Refrigerator Model Reviewed

The Best French Door Refrigerator: LG LFX31945ST
4 3 2 1

The LG LFX31945ST is a beautifully designed, stainless steel refrigerator, with a capacity of 30.5 cu.ft. The Door-In-Door technology gives you quick access to foods or drinks that fit the door, without opening the whole refrigerator. This can save a lot of energy! With Smart Cooling Plus technology food preservation is optimized, and 2 humidity crispers are perfect for fruits and vegetables. The convenient drawer freezer gives you a quick overview of what is in the freezer. The LG LFX31945ST is Energy Star rated and has an estimated annual operation cost of $62.
Want to know more, have a look? Check out this video review:

Do you want to know more about the Door-In-Door technology, all available options, or want to see it in action? Find out more here.